Our Manufacturing, Your Branding!

Choose from our extensive range of market-ready bars to easily launch your brand. With valid licensing, streamlined paperwork, and our turnkey solutions, you're primed for swift market capture.

Unrivalled Quality Assurance

We protect your masterpieces with our in-house quality systems and labs which have been developed keeping in mind the latest industry regulations. Our quality assurance team ensures that each step of the process is well documented and traceable. SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) based working has been adopted to ensure repeatability of processes.

We ensure that each raw material and packing material used in the facility meets the expected specifications and standards in all spheres, and each finished product is tested for physical, chemical and microbial parameters before release!

Customized, Compliant Packaging

We offer various customizations in primary and secondary packaging. Our team of experts will make sure that each packaging (primary and secondary) is as per the FSSAI regulations.

Secondary packing options are provided for outer carton of various configurations (6/8/10 etc. bars)

Accelerated Speed to Market

Quick turnaround is important, and we understand it. We can help you get to market in ~60 days through our investments in people, processes, and technologies. We enable fast movement from concept to consumer.

Bespoke Product Formulation

We understand every client is different, every bar is different and thus every need is different. Lerel is not only about ready formulation. We also offer Product Development and Tech Transfer so that you are never out of options. Our continuous improvement culture focuses on evolving customer needs and demands. You can always discuss your unique requirements with us, and we will do our best to make them possible.

Cutting-Edge Innovation Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art facility provides multi-dimensional innovation across products, processes, and packaging. Our R&D team is staffed with scientists, engineers, and technicians producing a variety of recipes for your bar.

At Lerel, we work together to achieve:

– A formula that meets your nutritional profile and macronutrient targets.

– A formulation which meets the regulatory requirements established by the FSSAI.

- A science-based formula that meets the specific nutritional needs of your targeted consumer base, keeping with recommended daily amounts (RDA’s) and nutritional experts’ advice.